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Solicitations (door to door) are generally not a police problem. The vast majority of solicitors represent legitimate organizations. A well known example would be the Girl Scouts who  sell cookies annually. However, people should remain alert to the possibility of potential criminals scouting the neighborhood for the chance to steal something, break into homes or commit some other crime. You should never open the door until you clearly establish the solicitor’s identity and reason for being there. Ask to see I.D. by having the solicitor display it in front of the door’s window or peephole. Ask for a telephone number for their organization and call to confirm the legitimacy of the solicitation. If they refuse to give you a number and insist you open the door, call the police department immediately. Give the dispatcher a detailed description of the solicitor and vehicle they may have. Do not take things for granted, but instead verify they are who they say they are. If the solicitor is legitimate, they will cooperate with your efforts.

If you did not wish to be disturbed by solicitors, put a small sign on your front door saying “No Solicitors.” While this will not always work, most will honor your request. Tastefully designed signs can be found at local hardware and office supply stores.