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Scam artists frequently tell a believable story to get you to wire money to them. Once you believe you are the victim of a wire fraud, contact the financial institution or wire transfer company and attempt to stop the wire. This is your only hope of getting your money back.

Please consider including the following information for your report:

  1. How did you learn this was a fraudulent transaction?
  2. How did you come into contact with the suspect? (telephone, email, in person)
  3. What story did the suspect tell you?
  4. How did the suspect ask for you to wire the money?
  5. Did they send you a check or money order then ask you to wire them money back?
  6. If so, what is the information on the check or money order?
  7. Was anything mailed or emailed?
  8. What is the return mailing address, and was it the regular postal mail, Fed Ex, UPS?
  9. I.P address of the email?
  10. Any information as to the suspect’s identity? Address? Telephone number?
  11. Where did you wire the money to?
  12. Did you try to stop the wire?
  13. Was the money picked up?
  14. Anything else that you believe is important?

These offenses rarely originate in the city where you live. The Fresno Police Department can only investigate those crimes where the suspect resides in or near Fresno. However, if the suspect lives within the USA, we will get the report to the appropriate agency.

Reporting the offense to the Federal Trade Commission is recommended because they identify crime patterns based on your report. This can be the best way for the agency to learn about the offense.

Most of the times, the money is wired to a person out of the United States. In that instance, please send the information to the FTC’s site for handling foreign consumer fraud..

Send documents to the Financial Crimes Unit:

  • Mail to the Fresno Police Department, Financial Crimes Unit, 2326 Fresno St., Fresno, CA. 93721
  • Scan and Email to
  • Fax to 559 621-6332 … fax machines may degrade the copy. Be sure you are using a clean or high quality machine.

Go directly to the FPD online reporting site!