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There are several types of crimes that involve ID theft. Each type has similar types of information needed, but there can be very specific information needed for that particular offense. Therefore, we’ve divided the crime types generally, and when you write your report online, use the same title that we have listed here. Click the title to take you to the information needed.

Often there is another crime involved with ID theft. The crimes are related, but they are different. The crimes are also investigated by separate units. Therefore, if there is more than one crime, both crimes must be reported separately.
Examples incidents that require two reports:

  • You left your purse or briefcase in your car. The item, along with your checkbook or credit card was stolen.
  • Someone stole your credit card from your home or business.

Check offense – Someone used, altered, or created a check without your permission. Examples of check offenses:

  • A check stolen in the mail and the check changed in some manner.
  • A check you gave to someone and it has been changed in some manner.
  • Your checkbook was lost or stolen and someone is writing checks on your account.
  • Your check account and routing number are on a check that is not yours

Electronic Debit– someone used your bank account information to pay bills or withdraw large sums of money using the Internet or telephone.
Examples of Electronic Debit:

  • Your check routing number was used to pay bills.
  • Your bank account was compromised and someone took money from your account via the internet.

Credit Card offense – Someone unlawfully used your credit / debit card.
Examples of credit card offenses:

  • A credit card was lost or stolen and the suspect unlawfully used the card.
  • You have your credit/debit card in your possession, but someone has used your card.
  • Your credit card number used via telephone or internet.

Identity Theft – This is a broad category of crime, to give you a method of reporting crimes that do not meet the categories listed above.
Examples of crimes that meets the criteria for this offense:

  • False accounts activated at a financial institution or business;
  • Fraudulent employment;
  • Social Security used to establish utility service (electricity, phone service, etc.)

Criminal Identity Theft – Someone uses your identity for an unlawful purpose. This must be an incident that does not involve a credit/debit card, check, fraudulent employment or fraudulent accounts set up.
Examples of crimes that meets the criteria for this offense:

  • Having a traffic ticket issued in your name.
  • Someone is arrested and uses your name when they are booked into jail.

This offense does not meet the criteria for online reporting. You must call the Fresno Police Department to have a report taken by an Officer or Community Service Officer. The Dispatcher phone number is 621-7000. While you are waiting for contact, review the attached information so you will be able to provide pertinent details to the officer.

Wire fraud , Other Fraud or Theft by False Pretenses

Wire - As part of a scam, someone requests you to wire money to them, for payment of goods or services, to help a friend or relative in another country, to enter a lottery or sweepstakes, to rent a home, as part of your employment, Secret Shopper, etc.
Examples of wire fraud:

  • Your grandchild is arrested, and someone asks you to wire money to bail them out of jail;
  • You get a check or money order in the mail with a request to wire money. The check turns out to be fraudulent;
  • You are a sweepstakes or lottery winner, and wire money to cover the administrative fees or taxes;
  • You get an e-mail with a request to wire money to get an inheritance.
  • You look online for a job, and you are employed to cash checks and wire money elsewhere;
  • You are hired as a Secret Shopper to evaluate businesses. You are selected to evaluate money services business and are given a check to cover the cost of the wire.

Other Fraud or theft by false pretenses – As part of a scam, someone tricks you into giving money to them. Examples of other frauds/thefts:

  • Exchange a winning lottery ticket for cash
  • Exchange jewelry, gold bars or something else of value for money
  • Someone sells you an item which they claim to be valuable, but it is not
  • You purchase something on the internet, you send the money but the item is not sent. Your investigation shows the seller did this as a scam.

Business Victims:
Businesses can be victims when they accept a fraudulent check or credit card for the purchase of goods or services or when someone sets up a fraudulent account at the business. These can be reported online also. See the attached for the types of information we are looking for. Embezzlements are not taken online. Please call the police dispatcher at 621-7000 for assistance.