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Send copies of statements, letters, credit report, social security statements, etc to the Fresno Police Department. Include your case number on the documents.

  • Some documents include accurate information along with the fraudulent information. We cannot tell what is fraudulent or what is accurate, but you can. Be sure to clearly asterisk * or mark the fraudulent activity. Do not use highlighters because it does not copy well. Attaching an explanation is a good idea. If we have to assume anything, we may get it wrong.
  • If the offense is a check offense, we need the front and back of the check.
  • If you have cancelled checks from the bank, and they have fingerprints on them, we need the original checks.
  • Be sure you keep a copy of the information you send us.
  • Include your case number on the documents you send.

Send documents to the Fresno Police Department.

  • Mail to the Fresno Police Department, Financial Crimes Unit, 2326 Fresno St., Fresno, CA. 93721

  • Scan and Email to

  • Fax to 559 621-6332 … fax machines may degrade the copy. Be sure you are using a clean or high quality machine.