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1. Find out the details of where the transactions occurred:

  • Credit Card: Contact the credit card company and find out where the credit card was used. You should find out the name and address of the business, the date and time the card was used and the amount of the transaction. Often you will be given a transaction or reference number.
  • Checks: Contact your bank or credit union and find out where the check was used. If the check is made out to a business, the stamp on the back should identify the store number which will help identify what the location is. You should find out the date and the amount of the transaction. 

2.  Contact the businesses where the transaction took place: Find out if they take video or photographs. If they have video or photographic evidence still available, ask them to make a copy of the transactions for the police to pick up. We will also need a copy of the transaction itself (receipt).

3.  Request Evidence: The stores will not give you the evidence, but most businesses will give it to the police. We have forms developed that you can give to the business as a formal request from the police. You will need to fill out the form with the specific transaction information so they can find the evidence, and then give it to the business. If your credit card was used, click here. If your debit card was used, click here. If a check was used, click here. If a Money Order was used, click here. Some businesses will not give us anything without a signed release. Please fill out our PC 530.8 release form, and also give it to the business.

4.  Utilities: Utility companies (includes cable, satellite, telephones) may not provide you with information, and they will tell you that they will provide it to us. Although companies will provide the information to us, they require a search warrant, which is time consuming. Due to the prolific nature of this crime, law enforcement does not have the manpower to write search warrants on every case. This process may not be done unless there is a significant loss.
If PG&E was established fraudulently, they will give you the address where the service is on, if you fill out their form and send it to them with a copy of the police report. Once they mail the information to you, then you can send to the police. This form is on the PG&E website, or you can click here.

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