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Be sure you contact your bank: Get all the information you can from your bank.

Your report should include all information regarding:

  1. Be specific that is an electronic transfer of funds, and the purpose;
  2. Your checking information, to include bank name, account number;
  3. How did you learn about the offense?
  4. What was the method of withdrawal or transfer?
  5. How do you believe someone got your account number?
  6. Any idea who the suspect is? And why. If so, include name, date of birth or age, address, etc;
  7. Did anyone have permission to access your account?
  8. Anything else that you believe is important;
  9. Name and phone number of the person at the bank you have spoken with.

If your bank account was compromised and large amounts of money taken, you should immediately consider that your computer has a virus which includes a key logger. This is a program that records your key strokes when you use your computer and the virus can send this information to a criminal who can go into your account. If you have another computer you can use, consider changing your passwords. Although this is not common, it can happen.

Supporting documents and victim assistance is necessary for the Fresno Police Department to investigate your case. Due to the overwhelming caseload, the Financial Crimes Unit may not even look at your case to determine if your case will be worked unless we get the necessary supporting documents at the Financial Crimes Unit.

  • PC 530.8 form completed, and signed
  • Supporting documents, with the fraudulent transactions clearly marked. Do not use highlighter.
  • If your loss is over $25,000 please call or email the Financial Crimes Unit with the case number. Please call 621-6335 and leave a message.

Send documents to the Financial Crimes Unit:

  • Mail to the Fresno Police Department, Financial Crimes Unit, 2326 Fresno St., Fresno, CA. 93721

  • Scan and Email to
  • Fax to 559 621-6332 … fax machines may degrade the copy. Be sure you are using a clean or high quality machine.

Go directly to the FPD online reporting site!