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Enter Incident Information
Address – Location where the check was cashed.
This is not for insufficient funds checks. This is for checks written on closed accounts or for forged, altered or counterfeit checks only. Information that should be included in this area is how and when the transaction occurred along with information about the suspect and the check itself. Please consider including the following information:

  1. How did the transaction(s) occur?
  2. How did you learned of the offense
  3. Date and time the offense occurred
  4. Who are the witnesses?
  5. Can they recognize the suspect if seen again?
  6. Who is the clerk who accepted the check / credit card if one accepted?
  7. Can they recognize the suspect if seen again?
  8. Who is the suspect? Please include name, DOB, Address, etc.
  9. Is the suspect a regular customer?
  10. How was the suspect identified? Did they have a driver’s license or identification?
  11. Any other pertinent details
  12. Can they recognize the suspect if seen again
  13. Whose name is printed on the check?
  14. Do you have a file on the customer? If so, what information do you have in your file? Include Name, DOB, Address, ID numbers
  15. Fingerprint on the check?
  16. Photographs or Video taken?

If the offense is related to a check offense, be sure to click on Check Offenses.
If the offense is not related to a check, click Fraudulent Transactions

Supporting documents and victim assistance is necessary to prove the crime occurredIf you have photographic evidence, this is critical evidence. Make copies of all supporting documents and evidence of the monetary transaction along with the photographic evidence. Send the information by mail to the Fresno Police Department Financial Crimes Unit at 2323 Mariposa Mall, Fresno CA 93721 or contact the police department at 621-6335 to arrange pickup. Please ensure your case number is included when you mail the information.

Go directly to the FPD online reporting site!