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The Neighborhood Traffic Unit (NTU) consists of twenty eight officers on two squads for seven day a week coverage. Their primary focus is on impaired drivers and neighborhood traffic complaints.

With the NTU‘s proactive role in traffic enforcement and their deployment into troubled neighborhoods, also showed significant reductions in crime as well. It is difficult to commit a crime when your vehicle was impounded from a traffic stop. Because of their consistent success in various operations, the NTU are now an integral part of all gang operations and have proven the nexus between traffic enforcement and crime control.

The following is a statistical summary of the NTU's efforts in 2007:
17,063 citations issued
5,972 vehicles impounded
1,339 DUI arrests
6,028 Misdemeanor arrests
423 Felony arrests
19 Guns recovered

In addition, fatalities from citizens not using their seatbelts dropped from 38% to 21%!