Frequently Asked Questions What type of horses do you ride?How old are the horses?Can the horses see as well as we do?Do horses have good hearing?
What type of horses do you ride?  
Our horses are Standard bred. The Standard bred is often described as "honest". He is robust, plain, rugged, capable of performing any job, and he is one of the equine world's best kept secrets. Not only is he the fastest racing breed in harness, he also excels off the racetrack. He is a medium-build horse, ranging in size from 14.2 to 17.2 hands and weighing 900 to 1,200 pounds. He is a willing partner in most endeavors and enjoys human companionship.
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How old are the horses?  
Our horses are six and seven years old and they are all geldings.
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Can the horses see as well as we do?  
A horse's vision is one of the best of any mammal. Their eyes are supersensitive to tiny movement very far away and highly sensitive to sudden movement. A horses range of vision is nearly 340 degrees and can see a distance of over a quarter mile.
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Do horses have good hearing?  
Yes, horses have a much keener sense of hearing than people. Their ears swivel continuously from front to back (180 degrees) which catch sounds from all directions.
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