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Since its inception in April of 1996, the FRESNO H.E.A.T. Auto Theft Task Force has had the task of reducing vehicle theft within the City of Fresno. Comparing the number of vehicles stolen in 1995 to the number in 2007, the vehicle theft rate has been reduced in excess of 68% since the task force was created.

To achieve it’s goal of reducing vehicle theft within the City of Fresno, FRESNO H.E.A.T. conducts surveillance in high theft areas, serves outstanding felony arrest warrants for suspects wanted for vehicle theft and related crimes, seeks out possible "chop shop" operations by conducting business inspections, and conducts probation and parole searches of persons previously convicted of vehicle theft.

Utilizing the above tactics, Fresno H.E.A.T. made 308 felony arrests in 2008. Additionally, Fresno H.E.A.T. recovered 432 stolen vehicles, numerous stolen engines and miscellaneous stolen vehicle parts, seized 7 firearms, and conducted 134 probation or parole searches.

The Fresno H.E.A.T. Auto Theft Task Force is currently staffed by five CHP Officers, one CHP Sergeant, five Fresno P. D. Officers, one Fresno P. D. Sergeant, one Fresno County Sheriffs Deputy, one DMV Investigator, and one N.I.C.B. Special Agent.

In May of 1998, CHP Commissioner "Spike" Helmick awarded the task force a COMMISSIONER'S UNIT CITATION as a result of the impact FRESNO H.E.A.T. has had on the vehicle theft problem. In addition, FRESNO H.E.A.T. was also presented proclamations by the California Senate and Assembly.

In October, 1998, FRESNO H.E A.T. was presented an AWARD OF MERIT by the International Association of Chief's of Police.