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Joint Resolution of the Police Chief’s Advisory Board February 27, 2003

Be it resolved that the Police Chief's Advisory Board is grateful to Chief Jerry Dyer for his trust and confidence in us, witnessed by the fact he chose our group to be the first public group presented with the annual report of the Fresno Police Department from Jan 1, 2002 to December 31, 2002.

In light of increasing crime trends across the country and the number of unprecedented increases in the number of prisoners being released from detention facilities across our valley, it is with great admiration and gratitude that the Police Chief's Advisory Board receive this report. In spite of the many candid and honest conversations that we have on a regular and monthly basis regarding challenges and issues facing the Fresno Police Department and our community, we as a diverse group of community representatives want to go on record in praising and recognizing the Chief and the Fresno Police Department for the allowing significant milestones documented by the data in the annual report as follows;

1. A significant reduction in crime.

  • 7.4% reduction in violent criminal offences and significant reduction in property crime offences. 

2. An increased level of transparency between the Fresno Police Department and the community. There is an increasing openness, clarity and communication between the department and the community witnessed by the following:

  • The willingness of the Department to gather data which would identify possible racial profiling as a part of its routine documentation process for all traffic stops.
  • The data indicates that traffic stops for the period reported are representative of the community in general and not skewed toward minorities.
  • The indication that the Fresno Police Department received a very complimentary audit after responding to each indicated item within the Macias Report.
  • The Departments commitment to be the largest law enforcement agency in California to submit itself to the rigorous process of accreditation by the Commission for Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).
  • The Open handed approach that the Fresno Police Department is taking in encouraging the City Manager's Office to consider possible implementation of a police auditor.

3. Crime reduction and the increase of school attendance due to the full implementation of the Juvenile Accountability Ordinance.

4. The fact that recruitment and hiring within the Fresno Police Department during the reporting period is highly reflective of our community demographics and will have a positive impact in keeping the peace within our entire community in the future.

5. Creativity, in terms of utilization of resources.

  • Again and again the Fresno Police Department has shown itself willing to make whatever changes are necessary to implement deployment strategies that quickly get to the heart of a crime trend or issue.
  • The Fresno Police Department has been increasingly willing to partner with the community in the establishment of sub stations as displayed by the Southwest Kearney/ Palms Plaza and the Central Jefferson substation.

In summary, this resolution has been embraced on this date by consensus by the Police Chief's Citizen Advisory Board Members who stand ready to field any questions and to provide further details and documents on the great and continuous progress and improvements that we see our Police Department making during this reporting period. It is our privilege to continue addressing key critical and sometimes controversial issues that this Department may face in the future. We feel it was very important to receive this annual report and express our concerns, gratitude and praise to the Fresno Police Department for the fine work that is being done.