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What is Organizational Development and Training?
We are a department that strives to provide you, our City of Fresno employees, with a variety of innovative learning and development opportunities that encourage career advancement and succession planning efforts, that enable you to perform your job more effectively, and that inspire you to commit to your continuous growth and development.

How do I know where to go for training?
When your supervisor approves your training request, you will receive an email confirmation that lists the date/time/location of the training.

Where should I enter my education or training certificates?
You should enter all of your education, outside training, licences or certificates, and languages into the Learning and Development section of PeopleSoft Self-Service. This will allow you to pull your information over to all of your City of Fresno Applications without having to re-enter it. (See the helpful handouts quick guides below for instructions on entering your info).

How do I reschedule a training I've already signed up for?
Call Melany at x6934 to reschedule or drop a course.

What do I do if I'm locked out of PeopleSoft?
If you have a City of Fresno network login, call the HelpDesk at x7100. If you don't normally log into City of Fresno computers, call Personnel at x6930.

How do I know what classes I can sign up for?
You can look in PeopleSoft Self-Service Learning and Development (see helpful handouts below for a how-to guide) or you can view our current monthly Training Highlights pdf below (under helpful handouts).

Can I attend training if my supervisor hasn't approved my training request?
It is your responsibility to get approval from your supervisor prior to attending a course.

How do I obtain a PeopleSoft account?
All City of Fresno employees have a PeopleSoft account. If you need help logging in, please call Personnel at x6930.

Can I just show up for a training?
We strongly encourage you to sign up for training ahead of time in order for us to have the appropriate number of seats and handouts. You are still responsible for obtaining your supervisor's approval prior to attending the course.

Who can sign me up for training?
You can sign yourself up for training. See helpful handouts guides below.

Can I do this from home?
No, at this time PeopleSoft is only accessible from City of Fresno computers.

I don't have a City of Fresno email?
You can enter your personal email address (Self-Service>Personal Information>Email addresses) in order to receive communication for City applications and training confirmations.

More Questions? Click here to send us an e-mail or call Melany at 559/621-6934.
Helpful Handouts
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