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A person who voluntarily resigns from city service, and leaves in good standing, may request consideration for employment (without further competitive examination) to a vacant position in which they once held permanent status, or in a lower class in the same series. A person achieves permanent status after they have completed the probationary period.

Request for re-employment shall be made in writing. Please send letter to: City of Fresno, Personnel Services Department, Attn: Director of Personnel Services, 2600 Fresno Street, First Floor, Fresno, CA. 93721. Upon completion of the review process you will be notified.

If approved, you will be notified and your name will be sent to the appointing authority for consideration; in addition to names certified from an eligible list (referral may also be made in the absence of an eligibility list). Please note: consideration for re-employment is limited to the twenty-four months (2 years) following the effective date of resignation from City service.

For more information, please visit, related on-line sources, Fresno Municipal Code (SEC. 3-255 WAIVER OF COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION), or you may contact Personnel Services at (559) 621-6950.