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Mobile Fitness Vehicle


The Mobile Fitness Vehicle enables PARCS to facilitate hand-on programs that engage individuals in fitness activities, nutrition education and The program is creating healthy lifestyles for the community by educating families on the importance of a healthy diet and active lifestyle. The Mobile Fitness Vehicle travals throughout Fresno utilizing open green spaces to provide services to City residents who do not have resources or access to existing programs. (watch Mobile Fitness Vehicle video)

The Mobile Fitness Vehicle has some unique technology features and collaborative programs that include:

* On-board high speed internet access via satellite

* Wireless computer network

* PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii used in fitness routines

* Integrated sound system

* TV for presentations

* UC Cooperative Extension - Nutrition Education

* Children's Hospital of Central California - Water Safety and Injury Prevention

* St. Agnes Medical Center - Health Screenings

* Fitness and nutrition activities spec sheet


* Increased awareness of health related issues and risk factors.
* Nexus for safe, health and free community gatherings in previously neglected open green spaces.
* Residents come to enjoy a variety of exciting, culturally diverse and character-building activities.
* It revitalizes park spaces without the cost of infrastructure and makes the outdoors an integral part of youth's lives.

For more information call: 559 621-6720