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To serve our community by exploring, developing, implementing and supporting effective and innovative use of technology through teamwork, collaboration, innovation, and accountability to our departmental partners. Responsibilities include planning, developing, implementing, and supporting the IT systems and networks throughout the City of Fresno.


The Information Services Department will be recognized and sought after as their first choice for a reliable and trusted source for Information Technology for the City of Fresno. Our customers will choose us as the “team of choice” for all of their Information Technology needs including expertise, planning, implementation, development, security and support.

To support our efforts, the Information Services Department has adopted the following goals:

  • Customer Service – establish and maintain partnerships with entities city-wide to create a city-wide support infrastructure for technology and telecommunications that will increase support and services to City of Fresno team members and constituents.
  • Networking Infrastructure – implement and maintain a high-speed, reliable and secure networking infrastructure that meets or exceeds the current and future requirements for the City of Fresno’s operations.
  • Application Infrastructure – establish and maintain an infrastructure that provides highly available and secure applications, information stores and web services.
  • Administration – increase efficiency and effectiveness of administrative tasks and financial responsibility through the implementation of technology and improved business processes.
  • Telecommunications – implement and maintain a reliable and secure telecommunications infrastructure to meet and exceed current and future requirements for the City of Fresno. 
  • Project Management – develop, maintain and implement projects in a cost effective, timely and efficient manner.
The Information Services Department (ISD) is responsible for overseeing the use of Information Technology to support the goals and initiatives of the City of Fresno. ISD will ensure effective and efficient use of existing and emerging technologies in government operations as well as deliver information while safeguarding data. The Department is responsible for essential City functions such as:

  • Internal and external voice communications (including land lines, cell phones, microwave and two-way radios).
  • Network connectivity, disk storage, security, data integrity and data backup operations.
  • Internet connectivity and security.
  • E-Mail Communications.
  • Dissemination of essential information to the City and its customers through the City’s website.
  • Procuring and maintaining City hardware and software.
  • Providing HelpDesk services for IT related issues as well as desktop and server support.
  • Enterprise IT Project Management.
  • Developing and maintenance of enterprise applications.
  • Geographical Information Services (GIS).
  • Traffic Operations Center fiber infrastructure and web operations management.

The Department strives to provide the highest level of service to its customers through innovation and teamwork.

Information Services Department is broken down into the following Divisions:

Administration Division

 is responsible for the financial aspects of the department including processing personnel information, budget creation and management and other administration functions.

Communications Division

 is responsible for telecommunications for the City of Fresno. This includes enterprise phone switching, T-1’s, cell phones, PDAs and other telecommunications activities.

Computer Services Division

 is responsible for network infrastructure, desktop support, HelpDesk, AS/400 Operations and Traffic Operations functions (IT based).

Systems and Applications Division

 is responsible for the development and maintenance of enterprise wide applications, data base administration functions, GIS and Web development and maintenance.

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