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Fire prevention has proven to be the most effective way to reduce fire losses through education, engineering and enforcement.

Education: Each year, over 28,000 students, grades first through third, are reached through educational programs supported by our Burn Aware program.

Engineering: The Prevention section has incorporated several fire safety system requirements into the Fresno Municipal Code, such as fire sprinklers, fire alarms, standpipes, and photoluminescent exit path marking. Those requirements include several reviews in the plan review process.

Enforcement: The City of Fresno, and the contract areas we serve, have over 20,000 commercial and/or multi-family occupancies which are inspected either annually or biannually. These inspections also occur on all new construction within the City.

Investigation Section:

The Investigations Division conducts Department investigations involving Fire Incidents, Pre-Employment Background Candidates, and Professional Standards Violations. The Deputy Fire Marshal is the Department’s Terrorism Liaison Officer-Coordinator with the Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center.

The Juvenile Fire Prevention Program (JFEP) is temporarily suspended due to budget restrictions.

Inspection Check List - in pdf format