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New Credit Card/Debit Card Fees Effective April 2016

Customers who pay by credit card or debit card are now required to pay a 2.3% convenience fee in addition to the amount they choose to pay in business taxes, room tax or dog license fees. The convenience fee is not collected by the City of Fresno but by the card payment processor and therefore will not be reflected on your business tax or dog license account.
The fees will apply to credit card and debit card payments made at the public counter and on the online payment web site. VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards are accepted. Only debit cards with a VISA or MasterCard logo will be accepted. Customers may continue to pay with check by mail and by check or cash in person without any additional charges.

Image- Starting a BusinessOpening a New Business?

Please visit our Planning Division to obtain an approved Zone Clearance. This is required before you apply for a City of Fresno Tax Certificate. For more information about the Zone Clearance process, you may visit the Planning Division zone clearance site or you may visit the City Planning Division in Fresno City Hall at 2600 Fresno St, Room 3043. They are open Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

When you apply for your business tax certificate, you are required to provide your approved Zone Clearance document. You may apply for your business tax certificate online or by mail with our printable business tax application. You may also apply in person at the Business Tax Division public counter in Fresno City Hall. In all cases, please be prepared to provide your approved Zone Clearance document.

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Welcome to the City of Fresno Business Tax Division web page! We hope the information you find here will be helpful to you in your business operations.

To give the people of the Fresno the best every day, the City of Fresno Business Tax Division:

  • Supports public health and safety by collecting tax revenue to fund city-wide services like street maintenance, police, fire, and other emergency services
  • Encourages business to do its part to preserve Fresno’s status as an All-American City by complying with Fresno Municipal tax code
  • Assists new businesses in completing the steps necessary to begin successful operations
  • Protects and serves the citizens of Fresno by regulating permits for various industries and occupations
  • Provides information on local businesses for consumers and potential customers

From this page, you may access information about how to start your own business, apply for a business tax certificate, pay your tax payment online, start the approval process for business permits, download formslook up information about existing businessesview new business license recipients or use our Business Directory. Our Frequently Asked Questions section has useful answers to many common questions. Or you may contact our Customer Service division at (559) 621-6880 or


Under state law SB1186, effective January 1, 2013, the City of Fresno is required
to collect a $1.00 fee from local businesses on behalf of the State of California.
This $1.00 fee will be collected each time a business applies for a tax certificate
or renews any tax certificate issued by the City of Fresno Business Tax Division.

For more information about how the fee affects your City of Fresno tax returns,
please check the FAQs at this link:
Fresno SB1186 FAQs