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The City of Fresno has approximately 2,000 parking meters in the downtown area. Meters are for various periods of time including 30 minutes, 1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr and 10 hr increments.

The price to park at a meter is 75 cents per hour.

The 2 hour meters in the Stadium and Convention Center areas become 4 hour meters after 6pm so they can be utilized during special events. Meters in the event areas that require payment during special events bear decals on both sides indicating when they are enforced. 

Parking Services offers a prepaid meter "Smartcard", which allows you to purchase meter time in advance that is stored on an electronic card and can be utilized at any electronic meter. If you don't use all the time you put on your meter, it can be refunded! Meter cards are available for purchase at City Hall. Cards start at $30.00 (40 hours of meter time) plus $3.00 for activation. Additional time can be added at time of purchase or at a later date.

Parking meters are enforced from 6am-6pm Monday through Friday. Meters are enforced from 6am until 10pm in the Stadium and Convention Center areas when an event is taking place at either venue. Meters are free on weekends unless an event is taking place at the above mentioned venues. During weekend events, the 6am-10pm enforcement hours apply. Signs posted around downtown entry points and intersections advise whether or not the meters are enforced.

Meter Occupancy Permit
As of February 2014 the Parking Services Division offers a monthly Meter Occupancy Permit. It allows users to park at any City of Fresno Parking meter without depositing coins regardless of the posted time limit. The permit is a hangtag that can be shared by couriers, law offices, or those that regularly conduct business downtown. It is also available for sale to downtown employees and business owners. Permits are $120.00 per month. Call 621-PARK for more information.

Bagging/Prepaid Meters
If you are performing construction or conducting a special event and need to pre-purchase parking meters for short periods of time (1-3 days usually), we will "bag" the meters to take them out of service for the public. This must be approved and paid in advance. Contact our office for more details at 621-PARK. You must provide the meter numbers to our office prior to processing. 

The cost is $5.00 per meter per day, plus a flat $25.00 administrative processing fee.

Report a Faulty Meter
You can report a faulty parking meter by phone at 621-PARK (7275) between 8am-4:00pm. You can also complete a "Request for Meter Check" form and fax it to our office at 457-1259.