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Abandoned and Inoperable Vehicles
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The Parking Services Division handles abandoned vehicle abatement on public streets within city limits. The reporting party must suspect that the vehicle is inoperable due to extended periods of non-movement, a flat tire or missing windshield, the growth of weeds or collection of trash under the vehicle, or other identifying markers.

When reporting an abandoned vehicle, please provide:
License Plate
Closest physical address
Reason vehicle appears abandoned

The initial inspection can take up to 10 business days due to the volume of calls our division receives. In cases where inoperability cannot be confirmed, the tires of the vehicle will be chalked and a 72 hour notice will be left. If the vehicle does not move from the chalked area within the designated time it is subject to be cited or towed. We do not tow on weekends or holidays.

Use of the public street for parking recreational vehicles such as motorhomes, trailers, or boats requires that these vehicles move 1/10th of a mile every 72 hours or they are considered abandoned as well. To avoid having your recreational vehicle tagged and possibly towed, store it at a private facility.

To report an abandoned vehicle, please call 621-2489 or use FresGo to report the vehicle..