Success Stories


For Residents of Fresno and Madera Counties

Thank you for the Free Home Energy Survey which was conducted on my home last month. With the use of your testing equipment we discovered that the “air return” box was leaking badly—causing us to have been unknowingly heating and cooling unconditioned outside air, instead of the conditioned inside air. Based on your recommendation we invested about $4,600 insulating the attic and floor, had the HVAC system tuned up, replaced and resealed our ducts and air return and installed 8 new windows on the front side of the home! We are confident that we made the most cost effective investments in reducing our energy bills and really appreciated the City’s help!
Juan Arambula, Assemblyman 31stDistrict


“Program is very useful---prompted me to have the old fiberglass insulation removed in the attic and new insulation blown in at R-38…and due to this better insulation I no longer hear the train which goes through 23 times a day ….also replaced all the lights in inside and outside the house with CFLs and have placed an order for a solar system costing $37,000. The program will really help me reduce my energy costs!”
Marge Peckham

This is a great program and couldn’t believe it was a free service. I did a lot of the work myself at little or no cost. Until I saw the thermal images I never realized I was losing heat into the crawl space because, over time, my duct work had dropped and sagged an inch or so; so I re-nailed all the ducts so they would not continue to blow conditioned air into the crawl space. I also sealed all my electrical outlets with gaskets and also sealed my furnace closet door. Finally I had a company install two solar attic fans that I bought at Costco to help take the heat load off the ceiling during our hot summer months. Anyway, I really appreciated the help from the City!
Robert Vega