Rebate, Incentives and Financing


For Residents of Fresno and Madera Counties

Rebates, Incentives and Financing

Energy Upgrade California
Once you’ve received the results of your home energy assessment and decided to make upgrades there are opportunities for up to $4,000 in rebates available from Energy Upgrade California to help make the projects more affordable. Visit and enter your county name in the box on the lower right to access these rebates.

PowerSaver Loan Progrram Now Available
The PowerSaver Loan Program is brought to you by Sun West and EGIA. This program, available through pre-screened EGIA GEOSmart Authorized Contractors, offers eligible homeowners competitive interest rate loans for up to 15 years for qualified whole house improvements and up to 20 years for renewable energy improvements. There is no cost to the contractor to offer these loans at below-market interest rate.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
PG&E offers additional incentives and rebates for appliances, HVAC, pool pumps and more to help you save energy. If you would like to save even more check out

Federal Tax Credits
The federal government offers tax credits for undertaking energy efficiency improvements on your home. To learn more about these tax credits, visit