Request a Home Energy Survey


For Residents of Fresno and Madera Counties

Request a Home Energy Survey

The outcome of making energy efficient upgrades is clear: lower energy bills, cleaner air, increased home value. It’s getting there that’s confusing. Which no-cost and low-cost actions make sense? What upgrades will give you the biggest bang for your buck? How do you choose?

Your home energy rater has only one goal: to help you make the best choices for your home. So you know that any investments you make in energy efficiency will be cost effective and offer you a reasonable payback.

This program is for detached, single family homes and we are no longer able to test mobile homes or condos.

Click here to complete assessment request

Once you submit the form you will receive a call from a City of Fresno representative to schedule your free home energy assessment.

  • A City of Fresno qualified home energy rater will come to your house to conduct the home energy assessment
  • The home energy assessment will take 1-3 hours
  • You will receive a detailed report with no-cost and low-cost recommendations
  • You will receive a list of available incentives, rebates and financing options
  • Make cost-effective home energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Watch for lower energy bills