Benefits of Saving Energy


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Benefits of Saving Energy

It’s pretty simple: when you’re not wasting energy at home you are gaining benefits galore. Home Energy Tune-Up helps you choose the kinds of energy efficiency upgrades that offer the best returns:

• Save money with lower energy bills
• See a quick return on your investment
• Improve indoor air quality
• Increase your home’s value

Saving money with lower energy bills
Energy efficient improvements can range from changing your light bulbs to adding attic insulation. By taking some simple energy savings actions you can save some serious money on your energy bills. Changing to energy efficient lightbulbs, sealing ductwork, caulking around windows and adding insulation are some simple steps that you can take to save money today. Many of these project you can do on your own.

See a quick return on your investment
The right energy efficiency actions immediate savings. Our home energy rater will identify the upgrades that give you a quick return on your investment.

For example, if energy efficiency work costs $2000 (after rebates and incentives) and saves you $100 per month on your energy bill it will only take 20 months (less than 2 years) to pay that investment back.

Take a look at this sample house and see some of the simple steps that you can take at home. Discover how quickly the benefits start to add up.

Improve indoor air quality
One goal of energy efficiency is to eliminate the leaks in floors and walls, gaps around doors and windows, and inadequate insulation. These types of upgrades reduce the amount of energy wasted each month. They also reduce the amount of humidity, dust, pollen, and pests that invade your home and improve indoor air quality
The result is a more healthful environment for your family.

Increase your home’s value
According to national data from the American Housing Survey and data from the metropolitan statistical area (MSA), home value may increase by about $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills. And, as more people “go green,” energy efficient homes become more desirable.

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