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Local Register of Historic Resources

First Mexican Baptist Church 1926The City maintains a Local Register of Historic Resources, which includes buildings, structures, objects, sites and districts that have sufficient integrity and are significant in Fresno’s history. As of July 2015 there are 279 individual properties on the Register (over the years several resources have been removed from listing). Local Register properties include the Fresno Buddhist Temple (1920), the Fresno Memorial Auditorium (1935)) and the Helm Building (1914). Twenty-eight buildings and sites on the Local Register are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These “crown jewels” of the community include local landmarks such as the Old Fresno Water Tower (1894), the Thomas R. Meux Home (1889) and the streamline moderne Tower Theatre (1939). Sixteen properties are also listed as Heritage Properties, such a the c1962 Calwa Rocket. In addition to individual listings Fresno has four designated historic districts: the Porter Tract (near Fresno City College), the Wilson Island (near the Tower District), Huntington Boulevard, and the Chandler Airfield/Fresno Municipal Airport. At least twelve other districts have been recommended through surveys or community specific plans.

A separate web site lists the entire Register at www.historicfresno.org.