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Zoning Ordinance Update
This page provides a link to the City's Municipal Code.  Note that the City is currently conducting a major overhaul of the City's Zoning Ordinance, last comprehensively updated in 1964.  For information or to become involved in the update process, please click here or email Arnoldo Rodriguez at Arnoldo.Rodriguez@fresno.gov 

Existing Fresno Municipal Code
Fresno Municipal Code (For articles and a synopsis of each, see descriptions below.)

The Zoning Ordinance is Chapter 12 of the City’s Municipal Code.  A summary of the articles is below.  

Article 1:

General Provisions Applicable to Zoning (i.e. general terminology/definitions) 

Article 2 (describes uses, development standards, etc.):
Establishment of Land Use District and Regulations Applicable Therein (i.e. permitted land uses per zone district (i.e. uses permitted in the R-1 or C-6 zone districts) and property development standards (i.e. building setbacks, height limitations, etc.) per zone district)

Article 3:
General Conditions Applicable to Zoning

Article 4:
Urban Growth Management (UGM) Requirements

Article 4.6:
Payment of Development Fees and Charges

Article 4.7:
Park Facilities Fees

Article 4.8:
Police Facilities Fees

Article 4.9:
Fire Facilities Fees

Article 5:
Environmental Quality

Article 6:
Local Planning and Procedures

Article 7:
Official Plan

Article 8:
Development in Overcrowded School Areas

Article 9:
Condominium Conversions

Article 10:
Subdivision of Real Property (i.e. subdivision tract maps)

Article 11:
Street Name Procedures

Article 12:
Parcel Maps

Article 13:
Address of Numbering of Property

Article 14:
Planned Communities