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Restaurants, Taverns & Nightclubs

In November 2009, the City Council adopted an ordinance that modified the regulations pertaining to restaurants with alcohol sales, taverns (i.e., bars, lounges, pubs, etc.) and nightclubs.  This ordinance addressed recognized deficiencies in the regulatory scheme for these facilities.

The following is a synopsis of the ordinance:

  1. Creates clear and concise definitions that reflect current practices
  2. Makes the process more transparent and requires additional public participation and outreach
  3. Allows all legally established businesses to continue to operate subject to compliance with the conditions that were placed on the particular establishment at the time of their approval
  4. Treats all similar uses the same by zone district
  5. Permits taverns in zone districts that have historically prohibited said use
  6. Allows establishments to stay open later (until 4:00 am in parts of downtown)
  7. Eliminates the Dance Permit process altogether  
  8. Reduces parking requirements for restaurants Citywide and significantly reduces parking requirements in downtown

(Note that operators seeking to stay open later must apply for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) even though they may already have one for the new regulations to apply to their establishment.  For an establishment that already serves alcohol and simply seeks to extend their hours of operation, the fees are reduced to approximately $3,817.00)

Consolidated Ordinance (provides a synopsis of the approved ordinance)
Ordinance (full version) (as approved by the City Council on Oct. 22, 2009 and effective on Nov. 23, 2009)

Planning Commission Report (Sept. 16, 2009)
Environmental Assessment (Sept. 4, 2009)

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