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Signs and Banners

Signs fall within two distinct categories in the city, temporary banners and permanent signs.

Temporary Banners
In order to display a temporary banner advertising grand openings, special events, sales, etc., a temporary banner permit must be obtained from the Planning Division. Temporary sign permits are:

- valid for 30 day periods
- may not exceed 32 square feet in area 
- must be affixed to a wall.

Note that only two permits per calendar year may be obtained. To obtain a permit, a plot plan depicting the location of the proposed sign, including the size of the sign, must be submitted to the public planning counter. This permit is issued immediately.

Temporary Sign Permit Application (i.e. Banner)
Fee:  $182.00 per sign

Permanent Signs

There are three different types of permanent signs:
a) wall mounted;
b) monument; or,
c) free standing sign

Given the many variability’s of sizes, setbacks, height, etc. of the three types of signs, it is recommended that an applicant visit the public planning counter or refer to the sign ordinance (Chapter 12, Article 17 of the FMC). 

Also note that shopping centers must participate in a Master Sign Program (MSP) where the design of the signs must be uniform.  As part of this process, the shopping center owner prepares the guidelines, which in turn are reviewed by city staff to ensure that they comply with city ordinances and that the design is compatible with the center (i.e., pole signs are strongly discouraged).  Once the MSP is established, future tenants may obtain sign permits, however, all applications must be signed by the property owner/management team.

Sign Permit Application (individual sign for a business not located within a shopping center)
Fee: $318.00

Master Sign Program Application (shopping centers)
Fees:  New Program $999.00
Sign in established program $182.00