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Fences & Hedges

Questions pertaining to fences and hedges are common.  Depending on the location and zone district, fence and hedge requirements differ.  

Multi-family (anything above one single home), Commercial and Industrial zone districts

• A permit is required prior to erecting/installing a fence, wall, hedge, etc.
• Fences and/or walls may not be located within required landscape areas.

Single Family Residential zone districts

• Depending on the area and zone district (i.e. R-1, R-1-B, R-1-C, etc.) setbacks vary. 
• A permit is not required, unless it is a required fence/wall by the Planning Division, which are most often along major streets (i.e., Shaw, Blackstone, Nees, Clinton, etc.).
• All Zoning Ordinance requirements must be followed, which includes visibility requirements, height limitations, materials, etc.
• Fences in front yards may not exceed three feet in height, unless wrought iron.
• Wrought iron fences may be up to four feet in height.
• The height of the fence is measured from the nearest sidewalk and/or public right-of-way.
• Fences may only be installed on private property, not the public right-of-way.

The following are three examples of typical fence locations for sites that are zoned R-1, R-1-B and R-1-C.  The vast majority of single family homes are zoned R-1 and the maximum fence height is six feet on side and rear yards. 

Fence locations for R-1 zoned properties
Fence locations for R-1-B zoned properties
Fence locations for R-1-C zoned properties