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Ongoing Planning Efforts
Fresno General Plan and Zoning Ordinance Update
Downtown and Fulton Corridor Plans   

Community Plans

The City of Fresno is divided into nine Community Plan areas which were updated during the adoption of the 2025 Fresno General Plan. The plans are tailored to the specialized needs and concerns of the identifiable Community Plan areas and provide and discuss existing conditions (i.e. trends, planning issues, etc.), while also providing recommendations and/or guidelines that act as blueprints for the relative plan area.

Specific Plans
Unlike the General Plan or Community Plans which act as blueprints for relatively large geographic areas, Specific Plans focus on neighborhoods that contain certain characteristics that are deemed desirable or reflect a certain planning trend. It should be noted that only a small portion of the city is located within a Specific Plan area, although all areas are within a Community Plan. In addition, several of the Specific Plans have Plan Advisory Committees that review entitlements within the plan area.


Community Plans 

Specific Plans

Neighborhood Plans