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The purpose of the City’s Zoning Ordinance -

is to encourage, classify, designate, regulate, restrict, the highest and best location for, and use of, buildings, structures, and land for agriculture, residence, commerce, trade, industry, water conservation, or other purposes in appropriate places. 

Zoning codes also:

  • encourage the most appropriate use of land
  • conserve and stabilize the value of property
  • regulate and limit the height, number of stories, and size of buildings and other structures
  • regulate and determine the size of residential yards and other open spaces
  • regulate and limit the density of a city's population by dividing the City into districts of such number, shape, and area as may be deemed best suited to carry out these regulations and provide for their enforcement
  • provide adequate open spaces for light and air and to prevent and fight fires
  • prevent undue concentration of population
  • facilitate adequate provisions for community utilities, such as; transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks and other public requirements
  • promote the public health, safety and general welfare

    Common Zoning Violations  

    Outside Storage:  Yards are not to be used as storage areas for unlicensed vehicles, building materials, tires, indoor furniture, appliances, or other items commonly known as junk.  Excessive storage is unsightly, attracts mice, rats, and other vermin; and, may become a health problem.

    Landscaping:  Landscaping shall be maintained free of overgrown, dead, diseased, or other hazardous trees and vegetation.  The property owner is also responsible for maintaining the land between the property line and the street (park strip).

    Parking:  Parking is not permitted on the front lawn, front yard, or corner-side yard.  Parking is not allowed on the strip between the sidewalk and street, on the sidewalk, or over hanging the sidewalk. Parking must be on a hard surface.

    Recycling and Solid Waste Facilities
    Use of Signs
    Weed Abatement and Vacant Structures

    Additional information can be obtained by contacting Community Revitalization at (559) 621-8400 or on our on-line reporting system.