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  • Waste tires are considered hazardous materials.
  • Within the State of California, there are 33 million scrap tires generated each and every year!
  • One passenger tire releases approximately 2 gallons of paralytic oil. It is possible for the heat from a pile of tires on fire to ignite the paralytic oil, creating a secondary flowing oil fire.
  • Community Revitalization has removed tens of thousands of abandoned tires from City streets and alleys what would have contributed to urban blight and the threat of becoming breeding grounds for the West Nile virus.
  • On average, each American generates one used tire per year. That is about 298 million tires every year.
  • The City’s program, which began in 2003, removed over 18,000 waste tires in fiscal 2010-2011.


Since the first tire disposal laws were passed in 1985, waste tires have been recycled. In spite of that, there are still about 800 million used tires stockpiled and cities do not want to contribute to that growing stockpile. Tires are one of the most illegally dumped items because they are big, do not compact, and cannot be hidden in a trash can. If you buy new tires from a retailer, he will collect a disposal fee for your old tires. Some of that money comes back to cities in the form of grants that can be used for pick-up, disposal, and enforcement. The City of Fresno participates in this program which allows for City staff to pick up abandoned tires and then transports the tires to a recycler who charges per truck load.

Illegally stockpiled waste tires also pose a threat to the environment because they provide a habitat for disease spreading mosquitoes. This is a particular concern with the spread of the West Nile Virus into the state. Local health and mosquito abatement authorities are anxious to address this issue in cooperation with Code Enforcement.

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To report illegally dumped tires, please call Community Revitalization at (559) 621-8400 or use our on-line reporting system.