OPEN AND VACANTS - Guidelines and Tips
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OPEN AND VACANTS - Guidelines and Tips

Please maintain the security of your buildings for the health and safety of our community. Check them regularly.

Active maintenance of your property includes:


All building exteriors shall have adequate weather protection; including paint and finish that are in good condition.


All buildings and grounds must be secured against trespass. This includes maintenance of all exterior doors, windows, and perimeter yard fencing (if required) in a good, sturdy, and stable condition.


Roofs on all buildings shall be in a good, weather-tight condition; with no leakage.

Trash / Debris / Abandoned Vehicles / Graffiti

Trash, debris, abandoned vehicles, and graffiti shall be removed within seventy-two (72) hours of their placement upon the property.


All landscaping within the interior and exterior yards; including the park strips shall be kept live, healthy, and trimmed.

Continued compliance with any applicable local and state codes, regulations, or permits is required.

T I P S   F O R   C O M P L I A N C E

  1. When boarding up a property, it is preferable to use sheets of plywood, rather than scrap wood. Scrap wood can easily be town off, and might have to be replaced often. There are “one-way” screws that are available if you find nails are pried off too easily, or frequently.
  2. If windows cannot be locked from the inside, and they are not broken, nail them shut from the inside.
  3. Keeping any fencing around the property in good condition can deter people from entering onto your property. If you have a fence that surrounds the property, make sure it is sturdy; has all its planks, links and fasteners; and, that there are no holes in it.
  4. If people entering your vacant property are a recurring problem, please call 621-8400, and request an Inspector meet with you to determine what else might be done to prevent access.

C H E C K   L I S T


Are ALL windows secured?
If they are not boarded, can they be opened easily?
Should they be nailed shut from the inside?


Are ALL doors secured?
Is the current locking mechanism on each door sufficient?
Are any sliding glass doors needing a dowel in the track?


Is there a gate on which a padlock can be placed?
Are there missing planks or links to the fence that need to be replaced?


Are there holes in the walls of the building (crawl spaces) that would allow someone to enter?
Are any outbuildings or sheds locked and secure?
Has the gas and electricity been turned off?

THANK YOU for being a responsible property owner!

If you have any questions about this or any other matter, please call Code Enforcement at 621-8400 or use our on-line reporting system. Please remember that if your structure is found to be open and vacant, it will be boarded immediately and you will be billed for the cost of the board-up.

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Please call Community Revitalization at 621-8400 or use our on-line reporting system.

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