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Community Revitalization Raises the Bar


In 2002, FMC Section 9-901, the Management of Real Property Ordinance was modified, giving Community Revitalization Inspectors additional tools to assist in gaining compliance for properties with chronic repeat violations. The Division has an aggressive, pro-active work plan in place to address the more than 53,000 rental units throughout the City.
A majority of these units are over 50 years old and addressing them in a timely and systematic manner is essential in order to protect our residents. The Division continues work to improve the health and safety of multi-family residences where property owners continually defer maintenance of their apartment complexes.  This unsafe practice results in unsafe housing. Inspectors can respond to numerous code, public nuisance, and zoning violations on the same property with better enforcement results, using the updated codes.

How does the Division get cases to investigate?

Cases come to Community Revitalization in a variety of ways. Most often, specific problems are referred by other City Divisions or through pro-active work on the part of our Inspectors while dealing with problem properties that have a history of housing code violations. Cases can also come through complaints filed by tenants, tenant advocate groups, or from the Fresno Police or Fire Departments. While it is never a foregone conclusion that properties turned in will become active cases; it is often an indicator that the property is at least worth looking at by an Inspector.

How are typical problems handled by the City’s Housing Codes?

Some typical problems dealt with include loose, unsafe landings and guardrails; as well as electrical problems. Also typical, are missing smoke detectors, unsanitary conditions, missing main support components, or those that have been removed from bearing walls and roof loads.

The Community Revitalization Division has been successful with the majority of property owners in bringing and keeping their properties up to the minimum standard of compliance. There have also been a few amazing ground-to-roof total restorations.

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Additional information can be obtained by contacting Community Revitalization at 621-8400 or at our on-line reporting system.

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