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Reports of “Dirty,” “Old,” or “Ugly” are not, by themselves a reason to presume the vehicle is inoperable. Vehicles in an inoperable state can easily become massive eyesores and can be considered a Public Nuisance in neighborhoods and on vacant lots where they attract and are dangerous to neighborhood children and animals. City Codes indicate that inoperable vehicles must be stored in a completely enclosed structure; i.e., a garage. The California Vehicle Code allows the City to remove a vehicle after proper notification is made to the vehicle owner and/or property owner.

If an inoperable vehicle is on City streets, the City’s Streets Division would handle its removal. Please report the vehicle to our One Call Center, 621-CITY (2489).

If the inoperable vehicle is parked on private property, please call Community Revitalization at 621-8400 or use our on-line reporting system.