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Next public hearing:  City Council, Thursday, December 11, 2014 @ 5 pm at the New Exhibit Hall (848 "M" Street)
General Plan Update City Council Public Hearing PowerPoint

Update:  For the most recent information on the General Plan Update, including the Final Master Environmental Impact and the Planning Commission report that was presented on Dec. 8, 2014, click here.

Welcome to the City of Fresno Long Range Planning Division

This website will serve as your one-stop shop for information about the City’s General Plan & Zoning Ordinance update project. The site provides up-to-date information, including a description of the frequently asked questions, schedule, studies and presentations completed so far, ways to participate, and contact information. Please check back periodically for updates on the planning process and to review draft documents.

What is the General Plan?
The General Plan serves as the blueprint for the future land use and growth of the city in the form of maps, goals, objectives, policies, and implementation measures necessary to guide the city’s growth for the next 20 or so years. Virtually all City departments, along with other agency partners and stakeholders will develop their strategies, calculate their capacities and will develop their plans for successive decades contingent on what it prescribes.

Why do we need a General Plan?
State laws require that general plans be updated periodically to reflect population growth and physical changes that occur through development. The City of Fresno last updated its General Plan in November 2002 (commonly referred to as the 2025 General Plan). State law also requires that general plans include seven mandatory elements (i.e., Land Use, Circulation, Open Space, Conservation, Safety, Noise, and Housing). While Fresno’s draft General Plan includes the seven mandated elements, it also contains several optional elements to address local concerns, including Economic Development and Fiscal Sustainability, Historic and Cultural Resources, Healthy Communities, and an Implementation chapter.

What is the Sphere of Influence and how many people do we anticipate?
If approved by the City Council, the draft General Plan would change the land use designation of approximately 9,500 parcels within the city’s Sphere of Influence (SOI). The SOI is the probable physical boundary and service area of the City. The draft General Plan designates land uses for all property within the SOI, even though some land may not be currently within the City limits.

The existing 2025 General Plan anticipated a population capacity of approximately 790,000 within the City’s SOI by the year 2025 whereas more recent estimates anticipate a population of 771,000 by the year 2035. The projected population would be accommodated within the city’s current SOI of 160 square miles, of which approximately 110 are currently within the city limits. In short, the proposed General Plan would constrain outward geographic expansion of urban development by increasing the efficiency and intensity of urban land uses within the existing SOI. 1

How does the City plan on accommodating growth?
The General Plan proposes measures and strategies to accommodate the projected population, together with the development of related commercial, industrial, and public facility uses necessary to serve this population. The proposed General Plan also includes strategies to intensify and coordinate land uses and transportation policies along the City’s principle corridors, such as and Blackstone Avenue, and Ventura Ave. and E. Kings Canyon Road.

The draft General Plan also includes, but is not limited to changes in nearly all of the community, Specific, and neighborhood Plans, and the Master Parks Plan (including Trails) in an effort to minimize outward growth.

Who may comment?
Anyone interested parties are invited to submit written comments on the draft General Plan for consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council. Public agencies and/or service providers should also provide the name of a contact person with their response.

Where may I review a copy?
Copies are available at three convenient locations.  

1.  By clicking here.

2.  At the City of Fresno, Development and Resource Management Department, 2600 Fresno Street Third Floor - Room 3043, Fresno, CA 93721.

3.  Any of the 10 Fresno County Libraries in the City of Fresno.

When is the next scheduled meeting?
For upcoming meetings, click here.

Where do I send my comments?
Jennifer K. Clark, AICP, Director Development and Resource Management Department
2600 Fresno Street, Room 3065
Fresno, CA 93721

Who may I contact for additional information?
Arnoldo Rodriguez, AICP, Planning Manager, at or at 559.621.8172.