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For the purposes of consistency, the following methodology is being followed by city staff in order to organize and asses General Plan policies by Element for the General Plan Update:

  • Prepare a detailed table of contents outline for the Element, including appropriate subsections;
  • Gather all policies related to the Element from: Existing General Plan, Community Plans, Working Papers, GP Alternatives Report, and newly developed & submitted by public, etc.;
  • Review and evaluate all policies related to the selected Element, classifying them as either: Keep, Rewrite, Delete, Refer to Code, or Implementation Section;
  • Organize all those policies classified as Keep or Rewrite into the appropriate location within the detailed table of contents for the respective GP Element;
  • Organize all those policies classified as Refer to Code in a separate list and coordinate with Code Development Staff Team and Code Development TAC; and
  • Organize all those policies classified as Implementation Section in a separate list, to be considered in the separate GP Implementation Element.
  • Note that the he existing 2025 GP has 17 broad Goals which are intended to be retained and updated, and the general intent is also to preserve the existing organizing structure of the 2025 GP consisting of Goals, Objectives and Policies.
  • General Plan Citizen Committee Guiding Principles (contained in Alternatives Report) will be integrated into GP Elements

The public is invited to review the 1,500 plus policies represented in the Existing General Plan, Community Plans, Working Papers, and the General Plan Alternatives Report, as well as recommend newly developed policies that implement General Plan Goals and Guiding Principles.  Please submit comments via this website or by emailing or

Methodology employed to review and assess existing policies
Existing 2025 Fresno General Plan Policies
Existing Policies contained in Community & Specific Plans
Proposed Policies from the five working papers