2025 Fresno General Plan, Air Quality Policy & the Housing Element

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2035 Fresno General Plan Update
Note that the City is currently updating its General Plan.  For additional information, please click here.  For the existing 2025 General Plan, please scroll down.

2025 Fresno General Plan
The General Plan is intended to serve as a guide to enable government at all levels, private enterprise, community groups, and individual citizens to make decisions and utilize community resources in a manner that will realize progress toward a common vision of a measurably enhanced physical, economic, and social environment.

To view the General Plan click on the icon below, however, should you prefer to view a specific element or section of the Plan, please scroll down. 

2025 Fresno General Plan

2025 Fresno General Plan (entire General Plan, including maps, tables, etc.) 

For specific sections of the 2025 Fresno General Plan, click on the related icon:

Preface and Table of Contents
Chapter 1, Purpose and Goals of the General Plan
Chapter 2, Need for the General Plan Update/Process
Chapter 3, Organization of the General Plan
Chapter 4, Plan Elements
    A. Implementation Element 
    B. Regional Cooperation Element 
    C. Urban Form Element 
    D. Economic Development Element 
    E. Public Facilities Element 
    F. Open Space/Recreation Element 
    G. Resource Conservation Element 
    H. Noise Element 
     I. Safety Element

Master Environmental Impact Report & Air Quality:

Master Environmental Impact Report No. 10130 prepared for the 2025 Fresno General Plan (MEIR)

Air Quality Update (updated on May 28, 2009)

As part of Assembly Bill 170, local governments are required to outline their efforts to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG).  The following are links to such efforts as well as pertinent information from other agencies.

June 18, 2009:  City Council Public Hearing Presentation  

For additional information on the City's efforts, please contact Darrell Unruh at (559) 621-8050 or via e-mail at Darrell.Unruh@fresno.gov.

Housing Element:

Housing Element Annual Progress Report
2008 Report

Housing Element

Housing Element Adoption letter from the State of CA (Feb. 27, 2009)
Housing Element Amendment I (Feb. 12, 2009)

Housing Element (June 2008)
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Housing Needs, Population
Chapter 3 - Land for Housing
Chapter 4 - Constraints to Housing Production
Chapter 5 - '02-'07 Housing Program Accomplishments
Chapter 6 - Goals, Policies and Programs (updated Mar. 23, 2009)
Chapter 7 - Public Participation
Site Inventory 

2002 Housing Element