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2016 Office of Independent Review 3rd Quarter Report

2016 3rd Quarter Report


Welcome to the website of the Office of Independent Review (OIR). The mission of the OIR is to strengthen community trust in the Fresno Police Department by providing neutral, third-party review of police policies, procedures, strategies and internal investigations.

The OIR works independently of the Fresno Police Department and provides the City’s leaders and the public with objective analysis of policing data, actions and outcomes.

This section provides details about the OIR and its work. We welcome input from members of the public and interested organizations. To contact our office, call (559) 621-8614 or email us

OIR Role

The Office of Independent Review (OIR) analyzes complaints filed by citizens with the Police Department Internal Affairs Division to ensure they have been investigated fairly and thoroughly. The OIR also provides an objective analysis of individual units within the police department to ensure compliance with policy and procedure, best practices and the law. This includes recommendations on findings to increase thoroughness, quality and accuracy of each police unit reviewed.

The work of the OIR is guided by the following principles:

  • Independence;
  • Fairness,
  • Integrity and Honesty;
  • Transparency;
  • Participation of Stakeholders;
  • Acceptance, Cooperation and Access;
  • Obedience to Legal Constraints.

OIR Responsibilities

Independent Reviewer:
OIR audits are always performed after the Police Department completes its internal affairs investigation. OIR audits will include:

  • Use of force investigations, including officer involved shootings;
  • Death of any person while in police custody;
  • Vehicle collisions during pursuits resulting in serious injury or death;
  • Complaints involving alleged bias relating to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability.
  • Other collisions during pursuits;
  • Claims of retaliation against individuals filing complaints against police officers;
  • Any other complaint relating to officer or department conduct.

Each OIR audit will focus on evaluating the adequacy, thoroughness, quality, and accuracy of the Police Department’s investigation report. The OIR also reviews Police Department Inquiry and Complaint logs, identifies and monitors trends within the Police Department, provides guidance to police officers and police managers when requested; and serves as an informational resource for the community.

Independent Auditor:

The Independent Auditor is tasked with the establishment and implementation of an inspection process for the FPD, focusing primarily on individual units and their adherence to the policy manual of the FPD. The Independent Auditor examines each unit for compliance, rates of compliance and advises the department on any issues.

OIR Results and Recommendations

Each year, the OIR produces four quarterly reports to be released on the following tentative schedule:

January, February and March is published in April
April, May and June is published in July
July, August and September is published in October
October, November and December is published in January