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District 4, Code Violation Guide


Code Violations 621-8400

1. Car parked on lawn
2. Inop in driveway (flat tires, wrecked, missing car parts)
3. Inop in yard
4. Car over unpaved surface
5. Boat stored in driveway
6. Trailer stored in driveway
7. Trailer stored in yard
8. Boat stored in yard
9. Tall weeds, 6" tall
10. Dry, tall weeds
11. Vacant unsecured house
12. Trash in yard
13. Trash in driveway
14. Trash at gutter
15. Junk and appliances in driveway
16. Junk and appliances in yard
17. Canopy or illegal carport structure in driveway
18. Basketball hoop on sidewalk
19. Parked car on sidewalk
20. Trash and junk in alley
21. Weeds, dry, tall in alley
22. Auto repair on property
23. A fence taller than 6 feet or shorter than 3 feet
24. Mobile home in driveway
25. Mobile home in yard
26. Yard sale signs on trees, in medians, or on poles
27. Green swimming pools
28.  Illegal animals (chickens, ducks, roosters, horses, goats, and pigs)

Police Violations 621-8000   Graffiti Hotline  621-TAGS

1. Basketball hoop in street
2. Speeding
3. Illegal activity

Public Works 621-8650

1. Boat stored in street
2. Trailer stored in street
3. Mobile home parked in street w/power hooked up
4. Inop parked in street (cob webs, flat tires, wrecked)
5. Sign replacement/repair
6. Sidewalk, curb, gutter repairs
7. Tree removal/replacement and trimming
8. Street lights
9. Traffic lights
10. Standing water

SPCA  233-7722