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District Three Boards and Commissions

Application for appointment to Board or Commission

District Three Plan Implementation Committee
Reviews amendments to the General Plan, and development entitlements in all of district 3. (Appointments by Councilmember from this district)

Authorization: Councilmember Oliver L. Baines

Type: Area Planning

Meets: 1st and 3rd Monday at 5:30pm at City Hall, Various
Term: At pleasure of Councilmember

Appointments: Member appointed by Councilmember from this district.

Please contact Gregory Barfield at 621-8000
Current vacancies: 0 vacancies

Downtown Neighborhoods Community Advisory Committee
Members will oversee and direct the outcomeof the new zining laws and design standards for the neighborhoods within the Plan Area.

Authorization: Fresno Municipal Code Section 12-1611
Type: City Non-Charter

Meets: Five meetings.

Term: Term will expire upon final Council adoption of the Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan
Staff Rep: Wilma Quan, Urban Planning Specialist
Contact: Downtown and Community Revitalization Department

Appointments: 21 members. 5 members will be chosen by District 5 Councilmember, 5 appointments by District 7 Councilmember, 8 from District 3 Councilmember and 3 appointments by the Mayor.

Requirements: Members are equired to file a Conflict of Interest Form 700; members will be stakeholders in the Plan Area (i.e., residents, property owners, business owners, members of organizations with interest in the Plan Area, etc. with the exception of 3 members appointed by the Mayor (at-large members).

Fulton Corridor Specific Plan Community Advisory Committee
The Fulton Corridor Specific Plan Community Advisory Committee is to provide an opportunity for citizen review and recommendations in the process and development of the Fulton Corridor Specific Plan.
Please contact Wilma Quan at (559) 621-8350 for more information.
Current vacancies:

Fulton/Lowell Plan Advisory Committee
To develop a land use plan for the Fulton/Lowell areas (as suggested by the Ratkovich Plan). (Councilmember representing this District and Mayor can determine the size of the committee. Mayor appoints 1/7 t of the total; balance appointment by Councilmember).

Authorization: Local Planning and Procedures Ordinance

Type: Area Planning
Meets: No regular scheduled meetings
Term: Until plan is completed

Appointments: Councilmember and Mayor can determine the size of the Commission. Mayor appoints 1/7th of the total; balances selected by Councilmember from the district. 14 members suggested.

Current vacancies: 1 vacancy

Tower District Design Review Committee
Appointments: Mayor appoints 1 member, District 3 appoints 2 members, and District 1 appoints 4 members.
Current vacancies: 0 vacancies

Utility Advisory Committee
The Utility Advisory Committee is a fact finding body whose purpose is to review, analyze, and when appropriate, make recommendation regarding various operating, capital, and financial policies.  The committee is comprised of 11 members who serve as principal public advisors on utility issues for the City's five public utilities- Water, Wastemanagement, Sewer Maintenance, Solid Waste, and Community Sanitation. 
Please contact (559) 621-8000 for more information.
Current vacancies: 0 vacancies