Council Residency Act
Council Residency Act Requirements - Affidavit for Council Members
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The Council Residency Act was adopted to provide stricter and more detailed criteria for establishing a Council candidate’s residency in the Council district they are seeking office. The Act was also adopted to establish a Councilmember’s’ residency in the districts they represent during their term in office. The Act also enhances compliance with existing Fresno City Charter Residency Requirements. To be eligible to hold office as a Councilmember, a person must have been a resident of the Council District for which he/she is seeking office, for at least 30 days immediately preceding the filing of nomination papers for that office (Charter Section 304.1). The Residency Act became effective January 1, 2011. To ensure compliance with the 30 day residency requirement for candidates seeking a Council office and incumbents serving current terms, the Residency Act requires candidates and incumbents file specific documents with the City Clerk to verify their residency.

Council Residency Act
City of Fresno Charter Article III - Elective Officers


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