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The Animal Control Task Force  

At the March 29, 2012 meeting, as a result of the CCSPCA announcing that they would end their contract with the City and County of Fresno, President Olivier made a motion to create a Council Task Force to work with City management, County administrative staff, the Board of Supervisors, and the constituency.  Council Member Lee Brand offered his recommendations/suggestions that the Task Force consist of one council member, two members from the Board of Supervisors or county appointees, and three public members at large to be tasked with identifying a facility/facilities to use, developing a capital and operating budget if another facility is developed, find operating organizations, develop a model for a new board of directors to include City and County representatives with meetings under the Brown Act, consider hiring of a consultant/expert in running animal control facilities, look into leasing back the SPCA’s existing facilities, look at best practices of other cities, and move forward rapidly and return to Council and the Board of Supervisors in less than 90 days with recommendations to pursue. 

Information regarding the progress of the Task Force can be found here.
Animal Control Task Force
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