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The City Attorney's Office represents and advises the Mayor, City Council, certain City boards and commissions, and City officials and departments in legal matters pertaining to their office and City operations, which include various municipal utilities, two airports, and public transportation systems.

The City Attorney's Office prepares legal opinions, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and other documents requested by Council and City organizations; and, implements the legal aspects of various policies and programs established by the City. The City Attorney's Office serves as counsel and represents and appears for the City and certain boards, commissions, and agencies of the City in civil and administrative proceedings. The City Attorney's Office handles criminal litigation as part of the Office's code enforcement responsibilities. The City Attorney's Office also serves as counsel for the Fresno Redevelopment Agency (FRA), and performs, often in conjunction with special counsel, the legal work involved in financing transactions for the City and the FRA. The City Attorney's Office monitors cases assigned to contract legal counsel and ensures timely reporting to the Council on these cases as well as those handled in-house.

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