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Municipal Law Guidebook

Table Of Contents
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  1. Introduction
  2. Section 1 - Mayor Council Form Of Government
  3. Section 2 - City Council Meetings And The Brown Act
    1. What Is A "Meeting" And "Action Taken?"
    2. Type Of Meetings
    3. No Action Or Discussion Of Non-Agenda Items Rule
    4. Closed Sessions
    5. Brown Act Violations
  4. Section 3 - Public Records Retention And Disclosure
    1. Retention Of Public Records
    2. Public Records Act
    3. Public Records That Are Exempt From Disclosure
    4. Constitutional Right To Access Public Information
    5. Responding To Request For City Records
    6. Records In Electronic Format
    7. Violations Of The Public Records Act
  5. Section 4 - Conflicts Of Interest
    1. Common Law Doctrine
    2. Political Reform Act
    3. Conflict Of Interest In Contracts (Government Code § 1090 et seq.)
    4. Constitutional Prohibition On Passes Or Discounts From Transportation Companies: Forfeiture Of Offices
    5. Common Law Doctrine Of Incompatible Public Offices Violations
    6. Disclosing Financial Interest In Property Within Redevelopment Project Areas
    7. Post Government Employment
  6. Section 5 - Labor Relations
    1. Duties Of The City In Employee Relations
    2. Impasse Procedures
    3. Labor Management Agreements: Memoranda of Understanding
  7. Section 6 - Code Enforcement
    1. General Process
    2. Prioritization
    3. Fresno Municipal Code
  8. Section 7 - Liability Of City Officials For Intentional Torts And Civil Rights Violations
    1. Gist Of A Civil Rights Violation
    2. Potential Personal Liability Of The Mayor, Councilmembers, Department Directors And Other City Officials For Civil Rights Violations
    3. Acts Which Might Result In A Civil Rights Violation
    4.  The Consequences To An Official Of A City Of Being Found Liable For A Civil Rights
  9. Section 8 - Procurement Contracts
    1. Advertised Competitive Bidding
    2. Contracts Not Requiring Advertised Competitive Bidding
    3. Regulations Of Communications With Mayor And Councilmembers During Competitive Contract Process
    4. Redevelopment Agency Contracts
    5. ProhibitionProject Labor Agreements
  10. Section 9 - Compensation, Reimbursement Of Expenses For Elective Officers And Use Of Public Funds
    1. Compensations Of Elective Officers
    2. Use Of Public Funds And Reimbursement Of Expenses
    3. Mass Mailings At Public Expense
    4. Misuse Of Public Funds
  11. Section 10 - Land Use, Urban Growth And Planning Law
    1. Preemption
    2. Plan Adoption And Implementation
    3. Zoning And Rezones
    4. Special Permits
    5. Subdivisions
    6. Land Use Process, Generally
    7. Takings And Exactions (Project Conditions And Fees)
  12. Section 11 - California Redevelopment Law
    1. General Powers Of A Redevelopment Agency
    2. The City Of Fresno Redevelopment Agency
    3. Adopting Redevelopment Plans
    4. Implementing The Redevelopment Plan
    5. Agency Income And Financing (Debt)
    6. Residential Redevelopment
  13. Section 12 - Glossery Of Municipal Government Terms


2.  Council Actions Subject To Mayoral Veto
3.  Council Actions Subject To Mayor's Veto And  Reconsideration
4.  Opinion Of - Hilda Cantú Montoy
Whether the Mayor has the authority under the Mayor-Council form of government to issue Executive Orders.

5.  Opinion Of - Hilda Cantú Montoy
To: Jeffrey M. Reid, City Manager - May 30, 2000
RE: Nature and Extent of Mayor's Executive Powers Under Mayor - Council Form of Government

6.  Resolution No. 2003-137
A Resolution of the Council of the City of Fresno, California, Rescinding Resolution 97-222 and establishing rules of procedure for the City Council
7.  Resolution No. 2005-4
A Resolution of the Council of the City of Fresno, California, amending resolution No. 2003-137 relating to the selection of President and Acting President of the Council
8.  Can I Vote?
A Basic Overview Of Public Officials' Obligations Under The Political Reform Act's Conflict-Of-Interest Rules

9.  Limitations and Restrictions on Gifts, Honoraria, Travel and Loans
10.  Bill No. B-45 Ordinance No. 2000-49
An Ordinance of the City of Fresno, California, repealing Ordinance No. 80-108, as amended in Ordinance Nos. 86-73, 91-18, 95-97, and 95-98, and adopting ordinance settting forth the compensation of elective officers
11.  Bill No. B-82 Ordinance No. 2004-88
An Ordinance of the City of Fresno, California, establishing the criteria on the use of public resources and reimbursement of expenses for the Mayor and Councilmembers, and rescinding Resolution No. 95-112
12.  Bill No. B-5 Ordinance No. 2006-14
An Ordinance of the City of Fresno, California, amending Ordinance No. 2004-88 relating to the criteria on the use of public resources and reimbursement of expenses for the Mayor and Councilmembers