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The Bus Rapid Transit Master Plan provides a new perspective on rapid transit service in the
Fresno/Clovis Metropolitan Area.

The GAP Analysis is to qualitatively and quantitatively define where mobility gaps exist between public transportation and human service agency transportation and to develop specific strategies to address the existing mobility gaps.

The Public Transportation Infrastructure Study (PTIS) is exploring how people travel in Fresno County, so that by 2050 there will be more opportunities to travel by bus, by bike or by foot.

The Short-Range Transit Plan (SRTP), is the biennial update to the operating plan and the capital program for Fresno Area Express (FAX) and Clovis Transit.

Title VI states “No person in the United States of America shall, on the ground of race, color or national origin, be excluded from, participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

The Transit Rates & Services Committee evaluates transit issues and develops recommendations.

The TSAC prepared all documents, materials, and programs related to the implementation of Senate Bill 1561 (SB 1561). The TSAC has the responsibility of monitoring ongoing SB 1561 activities

Federal Procurement Contract Clause - Material and Supplies between $3,000 and $150,000


The Downtown Transportation & Infrastructure Study (DTIS) addresses a wide range of transportation issues related to automobile circulation and parking, integration of bus and other types of transit, freight, passenger and high speed rail, pedestrian facilities and traffic calming, bicycle circulation and wayfinding.

The study has analyzed the current transit systems in Fresno County, and explored the opportunities and challenges of coordinating transit services in the county and in the longer-term to move toward a consolidated regional agency.

The Fresno Area Express (FAX) Long Range Transit Master Plan provides a vision of what public transit might/should look like in twenty years based on adopted regional and local goals and objectives.