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How do I get bus information?What do I need to know when riding the bus?
How do I get bus information?  
Bus route information can be obtained via our website at . Simply use the Trip Planner on our home page.

Bus Schedules containing all route and schedule information may be purchased on all FAX buses, at the FAX offices and at numerous locations throughout Fresno.

If you need further information about routes and schedules, please call 621-RIDE (7433). This number is staffed Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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What do I need to know when riding the bus?  
Arrive at the bus stop at least 10 minutes early. Be standing at the stop, ready to board, when the bus arrives.

Have exact fare ready. Fare boxes accept coins and dollar bills but do not make change. You may also show your monthly pass which is easier to use and saves you money. Show proper identification if using a Senior or Special Rider (Disabled) Pass each time you enter a bus.

Board the bus through the front doors.
Please keep front seats available for disabled persons and senior citizens. Please move from a front seat to allow a disabled person or senior citizen to sit there if requested by the bus driver.

As your stop approaches, pull the signal cord located along the inside windows. This signals the driver to stop at the next bus stop. Be sure to ring in sufficient time to allow driver to stop safely.

Exit through the rear door unless you have a bike on the bike rack then please inform the driver you are getting your bike off. Please allow small children to exit first.

Please be aware of the following while on the bus: 
No smoking on the bus. 
No eating or drinking on the bus. 
Service animals are allowed to accompany  persons with disabilities; however, the animal must be under the control of its owner.
All radios, cassettes and compact disc players must be used with earphones.

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