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Fixed Route

Fixed Route Accommodations

FAX designates priority seating in the front of the bus for individuals with disabilities or elderly persons. If needed or requested, a bus driver may ask persons sitting in a location designated as priority seating to move as an accommodation for people with a disabilities or elderly persons.

Special Rider Status

Special Rider is for persons with disabilities that are able to use Fresno Area Express fixed-route buses.

Automatic Approval
Persons that have one of the following proofs of disability will automatically qualify for Special Rider. A California photo identification card or driver’s license is required.

  • Medicare Identification Card (white card with red and blue stripes)
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Disabled Person Placard Registration
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSI/SSDI) Award Letter

Special Education Program Students
If the rider is a student in an Elementary, Junior/Middle or Senior High School and are currently enrolled full time in a Special Education Program, please have the School Psychologist or Special Education Coordinator of his/her school complete the Special Education Program Form.

Mail the completed form to:
          Fresno Area Express
          2223 “G” Street
          Fresno CA 93706

If the customer has the necessary automatic approval qualifications, the customer will receive a free FAX Special Rider ID card. Please note, the cost for a duplicate ID card is $3, and a California photo ID card or Driver’s License is required.