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Residential Parking Districts

A Residential Parking District is a preferential parking area, next to a major parking attractor like a school, event venue, hospital, or government agency, where a special permit is required to park on the public street.

Signs in the Parking District will indicate the dates and times that the road is subject to enforcement. Each vehicle must have a permit displayed to be on-street during the applicable time periods. Those with DMV issued handicap placards and disabled license plates are exempt.

Parking Districts are created through the legal process outlined in the Fresno Municipal Code. Approval requires a certified petition of at least 50% of the homeowners on each block face, a public hearing, the approval of City Council, and significant monetary resources. If you are facing a parking issue due to heavy vehicle traffic on your street, contact your Councilmember to see what options are available.

How to Obtain a Parking Permit

Each eligible property may obtain ONE complementary parking permit per residence. To obtain the free permit, a residency document such as a lease agreement, PG&E statement, utility bill, or property tax bill must be provided along with photo ID matching the residency document.

Additional permits may be purchased at a price of $19.00 each. For each additional permit requested, a vehicle registration must be provided that matches the address of the Parking District property. Five (5) permits is the maximum per property.

If you are a renter, a student on a short-term lease, or a roommate with no aforementioned document, you must contact our office in advance to receive specific instructions on how to obtain your permit.

Permit Pick Up

All permits are issued at City Hall Parking Services during the hours of 8am-4pm Mon-Fri. PERMITS WILL NOT BE MAILED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. You may not send a proxy person to pick up your passes.

Contact our office with any questions
(559) 621-7275 (PARK)

We accept cash, check, money order, or Visa/Mastercard/American Express for additional permits