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The objective of any community is to remain free of unsightly debris and junk which only add up to visual blight. Through the Division’s effort, the City aims to improve the appearance of neighborhoods. The goal is to make each neighborhood within the City visually pleasing, and allow for property values to be maintained.

Illegal dumping continues to be a challenge and is one of the most frequent complaints from citizens. The Community Revitalization Division, in collaboration with the State of California, Fresno Police, and local authorities have identified several illegal dumpers, resulting in successful prosecutions. This has resulted in curtailing illegal dumping - especially where it predominantly occurs. The Division's efforts will continue to help the prosecution of persons responsible for illegal dumping throughout the City.

Reporting Illegal Dumping:

Reports by citizens of illegal dumping are welcomed and promptly followed up on. If you happen to see what looks like illegal dumping within the City limits, please write down and report any pertinent observations, such as:
  1. License plate of the vehicle used
  2. Make/model of the vehicle used
  3. Time and place
  4. Physical descriptions of perpetrators
  5. Type of materials being dumped

What You Can Do:

Vacant lots are, unfortunately, places where people will illegally dump garbage, carpets, tires, and other debris. The property owner is responsible for keeping their lot clean. However, there are things that can be done to help prevent dumping from occurring in the first place. You can post signs that warn against illegal dumping. Another option is to fence the property. While fencing an entire property may not be practical, a strategically placed fence or barrier on an obvious access path will deter illegal dumpers. Once dumping has begun on a property, other dumpers will see that it is a place where they can also leave their rubbish. Therefore, keeping the lot clean and immediately picking up dumped piles will usually prevent additional dumping.

People often see vacant lots as car lots – places to park the cars that they're trying to sell. Posting a “No Parking” sign is surprisingly effective. A lot, which may have as many as 15 cars on a given weekend, will be empty after the sign has been posted. For information on posting a sign see:

Sign Enforcement

Please call Community Revitalization at (559) 621-8400 or use our on-line reporting system.