Blue is for Recycling


At work, home, and play the
following items can be placed
in blue carts, bins, or other
recycling containers found
throughout the City of Fresno.

Acceptable Materials

* All Paper
Including books, junk mail, envelopes, newspaper, inserts, telephone books, magazines, catalogs, flattened paper milk cartons, juice boxes, office paper including computer, copy & ledger paper, construction paper & manila folders, paper bags and packaging.

* All Cardboard

Including flattened cereal & other dry food boxes.
* All Plastic (except Styrofoam)
click here for more info on plastic
Including milk & juice containers, shrink & bubble wrap,
plastic grocery bags, & plastic toys.
“Please empty and remove caps"

* ALL Metal

Including aluminum cans, tin/steel cans,
empty paint & aerosol cans, lawn chair frames, metal frames, all steel items (remember all items must fit loosely in your cart).

* Small Appliances

Including transistor radios, blow-dryers, curling irons,
small microwave ovens, coffee pots, toaster ovens, small power tools (batteries removed).

* Glass (empty)
Including all container glass, jars, and bottles.
“No sheet glass, windows, ceramic glass, or mirrors.”

These items do not go in the blue cart.

* Trash, diapers, rubber hoses, carpets, clothing, styrofoam, soiled paper (place in your gray cart)

* Yard clippings, fruit (place in your green cart)

* Motor oil / filters (please see the Used Motor Oil page for more information on Recycling)

* Tires (see Code Enforcement), auto and household batteries (See Household Hazardous Waste)

* Toxic materials (See Household Hazardous Waste above)

Please visit our 
Contamination page for more information.

There are many items that are recyclable that cannot be placed in City of Fresno carts. For a list of these items and places they can be taken, order the Turning It Around Booklet – a Recycling Resource. You can order it free of charge by calling the Recycling Hotline at 621-1111 or download the PDF file at the Fresno County Website
Reduce - Buy wisely and buy less. Reduce the amount of products you buy.
Reuse - Give your recyclable items a second chance. Reuse whatever you can and donate good used items to a church or favorite charity.
Recycle - Buy products that are recycled or that can be recycled. Recycle everything you can.

For more information on recycling call the Recycling Hotline at 621-1111.

Check the Green and Gray Cart pages for more information.